Manly Skin Care for Outdoorsy Guys

Bee Bald Man Skin Care Review

bee bald review

Outdoorsy men need skin care as tough as they are and the Bee Bald line for men is the best product for tough guys.

Some men are out in the great outdoors and look and feel the part and others, just want to look the part. For those that want to try to have the beard and manly look, there’s Bee Bald man care products.  Continue Reading

Kevin Clouse – Giant Animal Machine!

Kevin Clouse – Giant Animal Machine!

Kevin Clouse Musky

Kevin Clouse caught this huge 50 inch musky recently and previously was the hunter who shot the beer can buck in Missouri.

You may remember Kevin Clouse from his huge Beer Can Buck that he shot last fall in Missouri, but the hunter and fisherman has done it again! Kevin recently caught this giant 50 inch musky and as you can see from the photo above, it’s a whopper! Continue Reading

Stay Prepared Off the Beaten Path with a Tool Belt Built for Adventurers

686 Original Snow Toolbelt Review

686 Original Snow Toolbelt Review

Being prepared for anything while on the mountain and in the back country is essential and the 686 Toolbelt helps you stay ready.

Whether you’re shredding the slopes this winter on your board or hiking in a remote location, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Being prepared for emergencies is important and when you’re outside as much as we are, it’s a necessity. The 686 Original Snow Toolbelt has been an outdoor enthusiast’s mainstay product for 20 years, and for good reason. The simple tools built into a stylish and durable belt can save your a$$ and won’t add any weight or gear to your bag.  Continue Reading

Perfect Travel Bag for Outdoorsmen- Rickshaw Camo Duffle

Rickshaw Bagworks Camo Duffle Bag Review

Rickshaw Bagworks Camo Duffle Bag Review

A camo travel bag is an essential for hunters, fishermen and outdoor lovers and the Rickshaw camo duffle is the perfect accessory.

As outdoor lovers, we need some accessories to hold all of our stuff, especially when we’re traveling long distances on flights or hunting and fishing trips. The Rickshaw Bagworks Square Duffle is the perfect bag for any trip and looks great for outdoorsmen in the camouflage color-way that they have designed it in. With over 1600 cubic inches of space, it’s big enough for tons of your belongings and still meets the stringent TSA requirements for a carry-on bag for flying.  Continue Reading

YPOD Gun Rest Review

YPOD Gun Rest Review

YPOD Gun Rest Review

The YPOD gun rest easily adjusts to the shooting rail of your deer stand for a rock solid shooting rest.

Having a light-weight, durable and easily adjustable gun rest is a necessity for quickly sighting in your rifle and accurately shooting from your tree stand. The YPOD shooting rest is one of the best out there and it’s not only simple to use, but it’s incredibly durable and light. There will be no more wasting time setting up sand bags and hoping for the perfect fit, the YPOD gun rest adjusts quickly and is as sturdy as anything you’ve ever used.  Continue Reading

Lake Hemet, CA Fishing Cast- User Submission

Lake Hemet, CA Fishing Cast- User Submission

Lake Hemet CA Fishing

Lynnette Karagines took this photo of Joe Shaff on Lake Hemet in California while he was throwing out a cast.

Sometimes fishing isn’t all about holding up the trophy after you reel it in. Many times, it’s about the peace and quiet out on the water and that’s what Lynnette Karagines of Riverside, CA was hoping to capture with this photograph of Joe Shaff, also of Riverside.  Continue Reading

2015 Rut Predictions- Earlier Rut Chances are High

2015 Rut Predictions

2015 Rut Hunting Predictions

Our 2015 rut hunting predictions will help you pick the best dates to take your vacation this fall. Hint, go earlier than normal!

The time that most hunters wait all year for is coming. You know, that three to four week period every fall that keeps you up at night during the summer and even more so in the fall when you’re waiting to get into your deer stand. Yes, we’re talking about the rut. While the debate on what causes the rut, when the rut takes place and why it takes place is a huge debate among hunters and scientists, we decided that we’d add some fuel to the fire as well. We love the rut and since we love to talk about it, we’re going to throw in our 2015 rut predictions here. Continue Reading