5 Tips on Hanging Early Season Deer Hunting Bow Stands

5 Tips on Hanging Early Season Deer Hunting Bow Stands

Tips on Hanging Early Season deer stands

Hanging early season deer stands is an important step in getting ready for bow season and these tips will help you pick the best spots.

Early season hunts can be some of the best hunts of the year, but it’s important to prepare before hand. Don’t make the mistake that most of us (myself included) make every summer of waiting until the last minute to hang your stands. If you hunt pre-hung stands and have done your scouting, you should have some good ideas on where to hang early season stands, but these five tips may help you out too.  Continue Reading

Grizzly Bear Proof Box on Japanese Television- VIDEO

Grizzly Bear Proof Box on Japanese Television- VIDEO

People do crazy things for money and popularity, but I’m not sure that this is one of the smartest that I’ve ever seen. Grizzly-proof items are few and far between, ones that actually work that is, but luckily for this Japanese game show contestant, this one appears to work. Watch this video to see a grizzly bear attack a woman in a transparent box.  Continue Reading

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra Review

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra Review

Hillsound trail crampon

When training for the big hunt this fall, be sure to use crampons while running to ensure the best fit and secure footing.

Active outdoor enthusiasts don’t slow down, so don’t let the elements do it to you either. One thing that I like to do to stay in shape for hunting season is to run, but you won’t catch me on a treadmill. Hiking and running on trails is a great way to keep you body healthy and stay in tip-top shape for hunting season. The problem is slipping on a wet, snowy or icy trail. For those days, you need some stability and the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra offers that.  Continue Reading

Killing Big Bucks with Less: 3 Tips on Hunting Small Properties

Killing Big Bucks with Less: 3 Tips on Hunting Small Properties

Killing big bucks on small properties

You can kill a big buck on a small property by using these tips on how to hunt small properties for big deer.

Most people don’t hunt big, managed properties. It’s just the way it is. While there are plenty of people who get out on giant parcels of public land, many hunters have permission on or own, small farm lots, wood lots and wetlands. While many of us dream of one day owning our own tract of land that we can manage and hunt, we can still capitalize on small properties. Use these three tips on hunting small properties this season to put down bruiser bucks that call these lots home. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunters Looking Forward to Record Duck Numbers in 2015

Wisconsin will have Record Duck Numbers in 2015 Waterfowl Season

WI Record Duck Numbers

Wisconsin duck and waterfowl hunters should have a banner year with duck population estimates up to the highest that they’ve been since 1955.

Wisconsin duck hunters have a lot to look forward to this fall and they should have plenty of shooting opportunities as well. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has estimated a population of 49.5 million ducks across the country and the northern states are going to get first crack at them. Continue Reading

Stylish Day Hiker Boots Take you from the Trail to the Town

Ridgemont Mesa Suede Shoes Review

Ridgemont Hiking shoe

Ridgemont Outfitter’s Mesa suede hiking shoe will last a long time while supporting you on and off the trail hikes.

Stylish hiking boots were non-existent a decade ago, but thankfully we do not have to say that anymore. When you first take a look at the Ridgemont Mesa Suede Shoes, you may think that they’re a normal chukka that you picked up at the mall, but you’d be missing all of the best features that make these one of the best day hiking boots available. We tested out the Ridgemont Mesa hiking shoes and found them to have all of the best features you need in a hiking boot and a shoe that you can wear for a night on the town.  Continue Reading

Deer Jumps Over Corvette- VIDEO

Deer Jumps Over Corvette

We see deer a lot in most states while driving down the road and unfortunately, many of them are dead on the side. I have thankfully never hit a deer with my car (knock on wood), but I know plenty of people who have. The guy in this vehicle driving a very nice Corvette is pretty lucky too, but not as lucky as the deer that shot over the top of his car. Check it out. Continue Reading

The Enlightened Outdoorsman: Fishing Techniques for Any Water Body

Fishing Techniques for Any Water Body

Here in the Midwest and across most of the country, you’re bound to find plenty of fishing enthusiasts who are obsessed with catching the largest fish they can. Joshua Jorgensen is no different. Josh grew up in Windsor Ontario fishing the Great Lakes and has since moved on to fishing some of the biggest fish on the planet. In the video below Josh shows off some of those Great Lake fishing skills he’s perfected and puts a new spin on them for fishing and in the ocean and on streams. Continue Reading