How Much Should You Tip Your Hunting Guide?

How Much Should You Tip Your Hunting Guide?

How much should you tip your hunting guide

How much you should tip your hunting guide is an important factor in determining your guided hunt.


When going on your first hunting trip, there are many uncertainties and questions that regularly go through a hunter’s head. One of these is, how much should you tip your hunting guide? Many hunters see it as, I just paid tens of thousands of dollars to go on this hunt and I can’t swing much more, so what gives? Well, while we certainly know that hunting guides can be expensive and guided hunts are no gimme, you still need to tip your guide. Here is some advice on how much to tip your hunting guide. Continue Reading

The Benefits of Eating Venison Vs. Beef (Awesome Infographic)

Benefits of Venison Vs. Beef

Venison Vs. Beef

Check out this great info graphic about the health benefits of eating venison vs. eating beef

First off, I want to say that i love beef. It is delicious. I eat it often and can not imagine not eating another steak or hamburger, it’s preposterous. However, I do understand that eating too much of it can be harmful to your health and I tend to eat a lot of venison. Venison is great. It tastes awesome to me and I love to cook it. It’s always a rewarding experience to eat what you kill and have the truest form of “organic meat” in my opinion. Check out this awesome info graphic created by Marin Lisica of Good Game Hunting to learn more about the benefits of eating venison vs. beef.  Continue Reading

Deer Year Sitka Video

Deer Year Sitka Video

Summer is the time that most whitetail hunters start to really get amped up for the season. The velvet rut is the first time you can take a look at some of the big bucks from last year to see if they made it through and you start to get excited for what you’ll be hunting. This video from Rockhouse Motion and Sitka Films, Deer Year episode 2, conveys that excitement and the bucks that get us there.  Continue Reading

Beer Can Buck Mount is Done!

Missouri Beer Can Buck Mount

beer can buck mount

Kevin Clouse shot this huge buck dubbed the “beer can buck” in Missouri last fall and he finally got the mount back. It looks great!

Kevin Clouse was the lucky hunter who shot the “Beer Can Buck” last Missouri at Tombstone Creek Outfitters last December. Kevin had a crazy hunt that day and was able to shoot this 200+ inch giant! He had seen the deer in years prior and was pumped to get a chance to kill it. Continue Reading

How to Set the Hook While Fishing VIDEO

How to Set the Hook While Fishing VIDEO

Here at MorningMoss we understand that most of our readers are savvy, seasoned veterans when it comes to hunting and fishing. Every once in a while though, we like to bring back the basics. Whether you’re out on the water every weekend, once or twice a week or this is your first time, brushing up on some skills is always good to do. Learning how to set the hook while fishing is a skill that takes a while to learn and when you do, you won’t be losing many fish. Check out the video on how to set the hook correctly when fishing. Continue Reading

Bear Out-Smarts Scientists- VIDEO

Bear Out-Smarts Scientists- VIDEO

So it turns out that bears are really smart. Some scientists wanted to do an experiment where they put a dead deer hanging from a  tree that had electrical currents running through it. The deer, if touched, would shock a bear. The grizzly that found this deer however was not deterred, even after being shocked twice. Check out what this big bear did to outsmart the scientists at :30 seconds. Continue Reading

Mondays are better with the Trail Mix (19 pics)

Weekly Morning Trail Mix

This week is the first week of our weekly Morning Trail Mix. We know that you’ve grown accustomed to seeing it every day, but we’re devoting more time to bringing you better hunting articles, cooler photos and better free gear contests. We know that you’re going to appreciate it and we will also be bringing in some more cool daily features. Be on the lookout for pictures of the day, incredible photo galleries and the best hunting and fishing articles on the Internet.


Grab yourself a nice handful of Trail Mix

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Why Non-Hunters Need to Support Hunting

Why Non-Hunters Need to Support Hunting

Hunters Support Conservation

Click through and see why non-hunters need to support hunters and their conservation efforts.

Right now, in my opinion, hunting is alive and well. The industry is thriving. New people are being introduced to the sport. There is a HUGE organic meat and clean food movement sweeping the country and permission to hunt has never been tougher to come by. Of course, there are some negatives too. There are still people out there who don’t believe in hunting or want to stop it completely. I came across this article from Crossbow Corner (cool site by the way) that illustrates how hunters support environmental causes and why non-hunters need to support hunting. Check out the detailed graphic inside this article. Continue Reading