Using a Downed Tree Pole to Eliminate Bear Ground Shrinkage

Eliminate Bear Ground Shrinkage

Black bear hunting

Judging a bear’s size can be a tricky proposition but this tip will help

Misjudging a bear while hunting is something that I worry about and I know that many other hunters who don’t have a lot of bear hunting experience feel the same way. Unless a bear is very big or very small, they can be tough to judge on the hoof (or paw). For reasons like this, there are items you can use such as a downed tree pole to eliminate bear ground shrinkage. Continue Reading

Qore Performance Hunting Clothing Review

Qore Performance Hunting Clothing Review

Qore Performance Hunting Clothing

Qore Performance Hunting Clothing allows you to stay cool in extreme heat and warm when the temperatures drop.

Hunting allows us to get out in some extreme areas and in some extreme conditions. I think that the hottest and coldest I’ve ever been have both been on hunts and the varying weather conditions are always a thought I have when going on a hunt. For times that you are going to experience extreme heat and cold, you need the right gear to keep your body a neutral temperature. Qore Performance Hunting Clothing is a great base layer to get you on your way to normal. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Looking to Appeal to Women with “Blaze Pink” Hunting Clothing

Blaze Pink Clothing Bill Introduced in WI

blaze pink hunting clothes

Wisconsin state lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow hunters to wear blaze pink instead of the traditional blaze orange soothing. Photo by Andrew Hahn of the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

There could be a new color in the woods this deer hunting season and it may look more like a teenage girls’ closet than the traditional blaze orange that you’re used to seeing. Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow “blaze pink” to be a legal color for gun hunters to wear if accepted. Continue Reading

How to Bait Bears Better

How To Bait Bears Better

How to bait bears

Learning how to bait bears effectively can lead to the big bruins coming into range this fall.

This fall will be my first time hunting black bears in Wisconsin. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I’ve never been exposed to hunting bears before and while I will not be doing the baiting for the stands I’ll be hunting, I am working hard to learn as much as I possibly can about baiting and hunting black bears. These tips on how to bait black bears better are a great starting point on getting these big bruins by your bait piles this fall or spring. Continue Reading