Take in the Mountains at These 4 National Parks

Take in the Mountains at These 4 National Parks

National Park Hikes

These 4 National Park Hikes are sure to make your summer better than ever.

From the rugged slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the dense forests of the ancient Appalachians, some of the best mountain vistas in the United States can be found in national parks. For the best views, it helps to get off the beaten path, so be sure to wear some sturdy shoes as you hike into these four outstanding mountain parks. Continue Reading

Smoked Venison Ham Recipe- Bradley Smoker Cookbook

Smoked Venison Ham Recipe

smoked venison ham recipe

Smoked venison ham is a great way to make your venison this season. This was taken from The Bradley Smoker Cookbook.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to check out an awesome cook book full of wild game smoking recipes. As a hunter who processes his own meat, I was really excited to check out what the Bradley Smoker Cookbook had to offer. The Bradley Smoker Cookbook: Tips, Tricks and Recipes from Bradley Smoker’s Pro Staff is a great book that offers tons of recipes that can be done by beginners all the way up to complicated sausage recipes. Don’t miss this amazing Smoked Venison Ham Recipe below and be sure to check out the book on Amazon here.  Continue Reading

Cop Frees Locked Bucks with Handgun- VIDEO

Cop Frees Locked Bucks with Handgun- VIDEO

Most times when two bucks fight and get locked up, they die and nobody knows until they find the trophy later on. However, in this case in Illinois, these two big bucks got lucky when a Illinois DNR office was able to free these deer with just his firearm. Check out how this cop does some sharp shooting on these giant bucks. Continue Reading

Keylee’s First Turkey Kill- User Submission

Keylee’s First Turkey Kill

keylees first turkey

Keylee Dreessens shot her first turkey in Galena, IL with a 12 gauge shotgun.

First time hunters are always a blast to take into the field and when they score on an animal, it’s wildly entertaining. Keylee Dreessens shot her first turkey recently with a Franchi 12-gauge shotgun in Galena, IL. The big bird weighed in at 20 pounds and had an 8-inch beard. Continue Reading

5 of the Best Deer Hunting Blogs on the Internet

Best Deer Hunting Blogs

best deer hunting blogs

The best deer hunting blogs on the internet will keep you informed and entertained.

Here at MorningMoss we like to think that we can get you some great information and entertainment on deer hunting, as well as other hunting and fishing news and content. However, we know that there are many other great sites online that offer some cool stuff as well. We check out many of these other blogs on a regular basis and we hope that you will be able to find some good information there as well. Here are some of the best deer hunting blogs online that we know of in no particular order. Let us know if you have some to add too. Continue Reading