Extreme Beam OSR 800 Headlamp Review

Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlamp Review

Extreme Beam OSR800 Reveiw

This Extreme Beam OSR-800 Review lays out some awesome specs of the brightest, adjustable headlight on the market

Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlight

Hunters, fisherman, hikers, outdoorsman (and women) in general at some point always find themselves outside in the dark. Whether you’re out there on purpose or not, nobody is going to argue that it helps to be able to see where you’re going. That’s where light comes in. I don’t know many people who participate in outdoor activities that don’t own some sort of flashlight or headlamp and the Extreme Beam OSR 800 Headlamp is one of the best. Recently, I got the chance to check this headlamp out and it’s safe to say that it’s the only one I’ll be using for a while. Buy the OSR-800 on Extreme Beam’s website here.   Continue Reading

Bow Hunter Kills Massive Alaskan Kodiak Bear with Predator Call- VIDEO

Giant Kodiak Brown Bear Shot with a Bow VIDEO

Killing a big Alaskan brown bear is the hunt of a lifetime and Kodiak brown bears from Kodiak island in Alaska are the biggest there are. These massive brown bears, or grizzly bears here in the lower 48, are some of the biggest bears on the planet. These bears can be mean, aggressive and are very dangerous to hunt. Shooting them with a gun can be a daunting task, but with a bow is extremely challenging. Watch a Juan Garcia from Chicago, IL and his master guide, Sam Fejes manage to lure this big bear into range with a predator call and put an arrow into it at 12 yards.  Continue Reading

2014 Wisconsin Archery Buck

2014 Wisconsin Archery Buck

Pj Cashman Buck

PJ Cashman shot this buck during the Wisconsin archery season in 2014

I’ve found that in the area that I hunt, the days leading up to Halloween are usually some of the best there are. The 2014 season didn’t change that. On October 26, I got out to my stand at 6 am, giving myself almost an hour before daylight. I quietly snuck in, set up and waited. I could hear deer moving around me, but was hoping that they wouldn’t circle to the downwind side before hunting opened. When the gray light appeared, I could make out several deer in a 50 yard radius, including a nice buck. I immediately grabbed my bow, stood up in the stand and was ready to see if something walked by. Continue Reading

Bear Fight in Suburban New Jersey Neighborhood Video

Black Bear Fight on Video

Sometimes bears fight but it’s not usually in the middle of a suburban New Jersey neighborhood. These two bears got into Rockaway, New Jersey and decided to duke it out right on somebody’s front lawn…and then in the street. The video was shot back in August 2014, but is sure a reminder that wild animals will act wild, even in urban environments.  Continue Reading

SPY Angler Sunglasses Review

SPY Angler Pack Sunglasses

SPY Angler Sunglass Review

The SPY Angler Sunglasses come in polarized Happy Lenses and are great for fishing. Pictured are the Matte Black glasses with bronze happy lens

Having a good pair of polarized sunglasses is essential for any outdoorsman, but especially for fisherman and boaters. The marketplace is full of options and styles, but SPY Optics recently has joined in on the game by creating their Angler Pack, which are sunglasses designed for sport fisherman and people on the water. These sunglasses are not only stylish, but also very versatile and basically indestructible. The SPY Angler is the ultimate outdoor sunglass featuring the innovative SPY Happy Lens and Trident polarization. The SPY Angler Pack will be available soon at www.spyoptic.com. Continue Reading

First Buck Ever is a Dandy-User Submission

Big Wisconsin Buck Shot- First Buck Ever

Big WI Buck Shot

Brian Sayre shot this big buck in Southern Wisconsin with his bow. It’s his first buck ever shot!

Sometimes there are amazing stories about hunting and this is one of them. Brian Sayre, from Edgerton, Wisconsin was able to kill his first buck ever with any weapon this past weekend. This buck was not just an ordinary buck though, it was massive AND he shot it with a bow. Brian shot it on October 24, 2014 in Southern Wisconsin and said that he’d been watching this buck for several years.  Continue Reading