Visitor at Fishing Camp- User Submission

Bear Wanders into Fishing Camp

thats a bear

This black bear wandered into a fishing camp in Ontario Canada and the people in the cabin were able to get a snapshot of it


This black bear wandered into a fishing camp located in Ontario, Canada and surprised the people who were staying in the cabins. Bears are pretty common in this area, but they usually don’t get this close to the windows. Continue Reading

Canadian Walleye Catch- User Submission

Canadian Walleye Catch- User Submission

Canadian Walleye

This fisherman caught this walleye in Ontario, Canado back in June where he goes on an annual fishing trip

Nick Pfeffer sent in this great catch of a walleye that he caught while on an annual fishing trip in Ontario, Canada. They managed to catch many fish, but no giants this year. Continue Reading

“Grizzly”- the Jaws Film of the Alaskan Wilderness

New “Grizzly” Movie is Absolutely Ridiculous


Every once in a while a movie comes out that really makes you think deep and gives you perspective on life…. “Grizzly” is not that movie. The new film that will include Hollywood mainstays such as Billy Bob Thornton, Scott Glenn, James Marsden and Thomas Jane looks pretty ridiculous and is apparently going to be a survivor/horror film. While we can’t say for sure if it’s good or not, I’m going to go with the statement that it’s not.  Continue Reading

Crappie Catch- User Submission

Crappie Catch- User Submission

WI Crappie Fishing

These guys managed to catch this crappie while trolling on a lake in southern Wisconsin

These guys got quite the surprise when they were trolling for walleyes on Saturday night in Wisconsin when this average size crappie bit their line. They don’t look like they know how to catch very big fish, so we’re not really surprised that they didn’t catch a trophy haha.  Continue Reading

Massive Green Bay Musky – User Submission

Massive Green Bay Musky – User Submission

giant green bay musky

Josh Beaman caught this 51 inch behemoth of a fish in the bay of Green Bay. The Musky measured 22 inches in girth and 51 inches long.

The Bay of Green Bay has proved to be a hot spot for giant muskies and many say the next world record will come from there. Last May even, a potential new world record was caught and released before the season opened. Basically, there are a lot of giant fish there. Joshua Beaman managed to catch one of these monster fish last October while trolling in the bay. The giant fish measured 51 inches long and had a girth of 22 inches, a real trophy. Continue Reading