Rotting Whale in Canadian Fishing Community May Explode

Canadian Fishing Community Fears Exploding Whale

Rotting Whale Explosion

People in this small fishing community in Newfoundland are worried that a rotting whale carcass may explode and cause havoc to the town. Photo credit to

Every once in a while a whale dies and washes up along the shorelines of a community and CHAOS ensues. Well, chaos, may not always ensue, but in this case there is a big problem. A giant blue whale washed up on the shores of a small fishing community in Newfoundland this week and residents of the community fear that it may explode. Continue Reading

Product Review: Cabela’s GORE-TEX® Guidewear® Xtreme Parka

Cabelas GORE-TEX Guidewear Xtreme Parka

Cabelas Guidewear Xtreme Parka

The Cabelas Guidewear Xtreme Parka is completely waterpoof and will keep you warm and dry in wet and windy conditions.


Cabelas Guidewear Xtreme Parka Review

With opening weekend for fishing right around the corner it looks like we might be seeing a lot of rain here in Wisconsin. No need to worry though, because thanks to the  Cabela’s GORE-TEX® Guidewear® Xtreme Parka you will stay nice and dry all weekend long. A good rain jacket is hard to find but the Xtreme Parka from Cabelas is a great buy for any fishing guru. Continue Reading

Wisconsin Elk Hunt Will Not Happen in 2014

No Wisconsin Elk Hunt in 2014

No Wisconsin Elk Hunt

There will be no Wisconsin elk hunt in 2014 due to low numbers in the herd

There will be no Wisconsin elk hunt in 2014 due to the herd being too small and fragile according to wildlife officials. The announcement is another delay in the management plan that went into effect a decade ago. The laws in Wisconsin prohibit elk hunting until the herd surpasses 200 animals, but car accidents, and bear and wolf kills have deteriorated the herd. The elk population in Wisconsin is estimated to be at about 175 animals this spring after calving.  Continue Reading

Practice Holding Your Draw So a Moose Doesn’t Charge You….

Moose Bow Kill Video

There are many good reasons on why you should practice shooting your bow from different angles, shot positions and terrains, but one of the most important things to practice is holding your draw. Luckily for this hunter, he was ready for a long draw holding experience and was able to keep his cool when staring down a gigantic bull moose ready to charge. Click through to see the rest of the video and hear more about this hunt.  Continue Reading

Whitetails in Finland?

Hunt White-Tailed Deer in Finland

Finland Whitetails

Finland is the only European country that has a wild population of white-tailed deer that are hunt able

Finland Bucks

If you think whitetails can only be found in North America then you should take a look across the big pond. In Finland, a whitetail population that was planted in the early 1930’s is now growing to pretty substantial numbers. Very few animals  survived the initial trip but the population has grown and currently stands at about 25,000 whitetails. While this may not seem like a lot to us here in the states, it’s quite a bit compared to what it started at when it was a gift from Minnesota to the country. Continue Reading

Tactacam Bow Stabilizer/Gun Mount Video Camera

Tactacam Bow Stabilizer Video Camera

Tactacam Bow Stabilizer Camera

The Tactacam is a full HD video camera that is able to be used as a bow stabilizer or mounted to any gun.

With the rise in popularity of hunters and fishermen filming their hunts and expeditions comes a lot of new technology. From camera arms with multi-thousand dollar cameras, to Go Pro strapped hats and chest devices, video cameras are finding their way into the woods from every direction. The problem with all of these devices is that none offers a first person view, that is simple to use and can be done when hunting solo. In steps the Tactacam. Continue Reading

WI Opening Day Brown Trout – User Photo

WI Opening Day Brown Trout User Photo

Wisconsin Brown Trout

Jacob Colden caught and released this brown trout during Wisconsin’s opening day of the catch and release season.

Trout fisherman are a hardcore group and this is no exception. The cold, snow and Wisconsin weather couldn’t stop Jacob Colden from getting out and catching his first brown trout of the season during the opening day of the catch and release season. Continue Reading