Spring Shed Hunting Advice

Spring Shed Hunting Advice

Spring Shed Hunting

Large forests in Northern Wisconsin can provide many great spots for shed antlers.

Although many people have been out shed hunting across much of the US, some of us in the northern part of the country are still covered in snow. With rising temperatures, all of us will soon be able to get out and collect some bone and we can’t wait! Continue Reading

Great Day Shed Hunting in WI- User Submission

Wisconsin Shed Hunt- User Submission

WI Shed Hunter

This was the largest shed that I managed to find yesterday in southern Wisconsin. It is a 2 year old 4 point side.

Finally managed to get out and do some shed hunting yesterday in Southern Wisconsin. The weather was awesome and  the snow is nearly all gone in the woods and fields. I even managed to find a few nice ones! Continue Reading

Covert Scouting Camera MP-E5 – Product Review

Covert Scouting Cameras MP-E5

Covert MP E5 Review

The Covert Scouting Cameras MP E5 is an affordable camera that out-performs more expensive models

There are many different trail and scouting cameras on the market today, but one that is rapidly growing in popularity that I think is a great bargain, is the Covert Scouting Camera MP-E5. Covert Scouting Cameras offer many makes and models at affordable prices for the average hunter. The one that I have used and have had a lot of success with is the Covert MP-E5 and it’s one of the best bargains in trail cameras. Continue Reading

Scouting Land Using Online Maps

Scouting Land Using Online Maps

Scout Online Maps

Learn how to use online maps for scouting for hunting spots and you’ll save yourself lots of time and energy

Aerial and topographical maps are some great tools that a hunter can use. As long as you have internet access, you can view these maps for free and gain valuable information about the land that you hunt. Although maps will definitely help you out, you still need to put some miles on your boots and scout the area in person to get the best feel for where you’re going to hunt. If for some reason you are traveling far and can’t get out on your feet, topographical maps are the next best thing for scouting.  Continue Reading

Advantages of Climbing Tree Stands

Advantages of Climbing Tree Stands

Advantages of Climber stands

There are many advantages to using a climbing tree stand versus a permanent one and these are the ability to be quiet, mobile and hunt fresh spots more often.

Have you ever thought about using a climbing tree stand  before? The price tag on climbers can scare people away before they ever get the chance to experience a great product. Climbing tree stands have many advantages and once you use one you’ll be hooked. For the past three seasons the only stand I have hunted out of was my climber, which is a Lone Wolf, and I just love the mobility of it. Continue Reading

Hunting Funnels for Mature Bucks

Hunting Funnels for Mature Bucks

Hunting funnels for big bucks

Funnels are a great place to catch mature bucks cruising on their feet during daylight hours or coming to and from their bedding areas.

One of my favorite land features to hunt for bucks are funnels. Funnels present excellent opportunities for catching deer traveling from bedding to feeding areas and are hot spots for cruising bucks during the pre-rut. If you can locate some funnels in your area you can take advantage of these travel corridors to kill your biggest buck yet. Continue Reading