2014 MorningMoss Holiday Gear Guide

2014 MorningMoss Holiday Gear Guide

Hunting Fishing Gift Ideas

The MorningMoss Holiday Gear Guide is out and you can find the perfect gifts for the hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman on your list this holiday season.

Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Gear for the Whole Family

The holidays are here and we wanted to help you out and get you some of the latest and greatest in hunting, fishing and outdoor gear for you to give to your outdoor enthusiasts this season. The products in the MorningMoss Holiday Gear Guide have been tested and reviewed by our team and you can get our real opinions on these pieces. We’ve covered a wide range of holiday gift ideas for outdoorsmen and women ranging from cell phone applications to state-of-the-art archery equipment. So, let’s check it out and see what we’ve got that’s right for you!

Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsmen

Wag’s Extreme Estrus Scent

Wag's Extreme Estrous

Wag’s Extreme Estrous scent is unlike any other doe estrous on the market and is 100% pure.

Wag’s Extreme Estrus Scent is 100% deer. No fillers, no additives, just straight from the deer. This is about as simple as it gets for anyone. Use what is real, organic and found in nature and I’m sure that you’ll see more results. Speaking from experience this season, this stuff works. I had several bucks follow it in right on the trail. Read our full review of Wag’s deer scents here. You can buy Wag’s deer hunting scents here for $14.99

Oxygen Plus Mini Canister

Oxygen + Peppermint

Oxygen Plus is a great stocking stuffer for outdoorsman

Sometimes hunting can be tough on your lungs and brain. If you don’t want to slug coffee down all day, or want a little pick me up, try this mini canister from Oxygen Plus. The little oxygen blast will give you a clearer head, more energy and better focus while in the stand. Read the full Oxygen Plus Review here and buy yours on their site. 

JBL Clip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Hiking Speaker

The JBL Clip is the perfect speaker for hiking, fishing and camping

Fishing and doing outdoor activities are much more enjoyable (for the most part) when you can listen to some tunes. The JBL Clip Wireless speaker makes it easy. It simply clips to your belt loop, bag or anything else for that matter and you can rock out right from any bluetooth device. The speaker sounds great and is pretty loud. Read the full review on the JBL Clip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and you can purchase one right here for $49.99.

Hunting and Fishing Christmas Gifts

Extreme Beam OSR-800 Headlamp

Extreme Beam OSR800 Reveiw

The Extreme Beam OSR 800 can be used by anyone for those dark nights in the woods and on the water

All hunters and fisherman and women need a good headlamp. From blood trails to cleaning wild game, headlamps provide light when you need it most. The Extreme Beam OSR-800 is perfect for hiking through dark woods and for getting the job done. Read the full review on the Extreme Beam OSR-800 here and you can buy the headlamp here for $35.95.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp

Princeton Tec Sync Review

The Princeton Tec Sync headlamp is the perfect tool for hiking, hunting, tracking, fishing and climbing when it’s dark out.

With a brightness level of up to 90 lumens and five different settings, the Princeton Tec Sync headlamp has you covered in any situation. This is a hiker’s headlamp dream and the beam can go very wide to narrow and bright with the flip of a switch. It takes three AAA batteries and will last up to 125 hours on the low setting. Read the full Princeton Tec Sync headlamp review and buy yours for $25.99 here.  

SPY Angler Polarized Sunglasses

SPY Fishing Sunglasses

If you need polarized fishing sunglasses that are stylish, then the Angler from SPY Optics would be a good fit. Pictured are the tortoise color glasses

Every fisherman and anyone on the water needs polarized sunglasses, period. Getting a quality pair that looks cool though is tough to find…. or it used to be. SPY Optics designed the Angler, a cool looking pair of polarized sunglasses that is even worn by the likes of the best spot fishing, fly fisherman in the world, Conway Bowman. You can read the full review of the SPY Angler Sunglasses here and buy your own pair right from their site.

Spy Optic General Realtree Camo

Spy General Review

The SPY Optic General sunglasses are Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s signature glasses as you can see by the #88 on the right side of the sunglasses

The SPY Optic General is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s signature sunglasses and they come in Realtree Camo. These sunglasses are sick! They look cool, block out 100% of UV light and are a great gift for anyone on your list who likes hunting, fishing and cool shades. Check out the full SPY General Sunglasses review here and buy your pair for right around $100 here. 

SPY Optic Discord Decoy Sunglasses

Camo Wayfarer sunglasses

The SPY Discord Decoy is a wayfarer style sunglass that comes in Realtree Camo.

Boaters, fisherman, hunters and the general public all need one thing: good sunglasses. Lucky for you, SPY Optics makes a whole bunch of great pairs, including these stylish Wayfarer’esque frames, the SPY Discord Decoy. The Discord Decoy sunglasses come in matte black with Realtree camo lined interior frames and on top of the frames to give it a serious outdoor feel. Check out the full SPY Discord Decoy review here and buy yours right here for around $65.

Christmas Gifts for Bowhunters

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead Review

Rage Broadheads are a great gift for any bowhunter

Rage broadheads have always been a personal favorite of mine and many of the MorningMoss staff use them as well. These are razor sharp, two blade heads that expand to over two inches wide leaving gaping entrance holes and massive blood trails. See the full Rage Hypodermic Broadhead review and buy your pack of Rage Hypodermics here for only $49.99.

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Muzzy Trocar Review

The Muzzy Trocar broadhead is solid as can be and flies as true as a field point.

Fixed blade broadhead shooters sway towards one broadhead more than many others and that is the Muzzy. The Muzzy Trocar broadhead is one of the best fixed blade heads on the market. It flies as true as a field point and packs the sharpness and toughness needed to take down any large game animal. Read our full Muzzy Trocar Broadhead review here. These heads area also affordable and you can buy them here for only $29.99. 

Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount

Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount

The Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount is an easy to use, affordable phone mount for your bow to film hunts

Hunters have been looking for easier ways to film their hunts for years without dropping tons of cash on expensive video equipment. Not only does that cost a lot, but it’s a pain to haul up a tree. What if you could film your hunts with what’s already in your pocket? Here comes the Fighting Squirrel Bow Mount. The Fighting Squirrel attaches to your bow, comes in a variety of colors and holds almost any cell phone. You just push the film button when the deer walks out. Check out the full Fighting Squirrel bow mount review here and purchase your own for $49.99 on their site. 

Bow Hunting XMas Presents for the Serious Outdoorsman

Mathews Creed XS Bow

Mathews Creed XS Bow Review

The Mathews Creed XS proved to be a great bow that is suitable for any size hunter and combines technology and classic Mathews traits.

The Mathews Creed XS bow is an amazing bow right out of the lineup of the world’s largest archery company. This is personally the bow that I choose to use and I’d recommend it to anyone. The Creed XS is a perfect hunting bow due to it’s compact size, fast speed and simple design. It won’t break down when you need it most and it’s deadly accurate. You can read more in the Mathews Creed XS bow review and you can buy one at your local Mathews retailer.

Mathews NO CAM HTR

Mathews NO CAM HTR Review

The revolutionary Mathews NO CAM HTR is a bow with no cams and is one of the smoothest drawing bows ever shot.

Mathews’ newest addition to their phenomenal bow lineup includes a revolutionary new bow, the NO CAM HTR. This bow is perfect for any hardcore bow hunter who wants to shoot the best on the market and have it for a long time. The NO CAM HTR is smooth, light and fast. It’s an amazing hunting bow. Check out the full Mathews NO CAM HTR Review here and you can find more information and purchase one from an authorized Mathews dealer. 

Cold Weather Gear

Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket

Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket Review

The Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket is a quality 650 fill down jacket that is waterproof and has ripstop fabric.

Hunters need warm clothes when they’re in and out of the field. Many of us also have other hobbies that we need jackets that can not only handle the cool weather, but can take a beating from ice and snow. The Outdoor Research Stormbound jacket is the perfect jacket for skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing and even ice fishing. It’s warm, lightweight and has many great features. Check out the full Outdoor Research Stormbound Jacket review here and buy your jacket for $495 here. 

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Heated Gloves

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Glove Review

The Outdoor Research Stormtracker Gloves are heated gloves that charge fast, get hot and can handle all of the elements.

Heated clothing is popping up all over these days and while it’s all well and good, I can’t think of anything more important than keeping your hands warm. Cold hands don’t function and these gloves from Outdoor Research will make sure that yours do. With low, medium and high settings, these gloves can last up to 8 hours and will keep you toasty and moving along. Read the full Outdoor Research Stormtracker gloves review here and buy yours for $235 on their site here. 

Thanks for checking out the 2014 MorningMoss Holiday Gear Guide. We hope that you found some ideas for the hunter or outdoor lover on your list this holiday season. Be on the lookout for the Spring 2015 Gear Guide that we’ve already started on and have some awesome brands to showcase.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these products or being featured in a future gear guide or product review, please contact PJ Cashman at PJ@morningmoss.com.

PJ Cashman

PJ is the co-founder of MorningMoss.com and is an avid hunter and lover of all things outdoors.

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