Possible Giant Iowa Buck, Likely a Hoax

Possible Giant Iowa Buck Likely a Hoax

A couple weeks ago we put out a story about a possible world record Iowa buck that was shot this past fall. There has been some news though on the Internet saying that this buck is likely a big hoax.While this buck could have been a seriously impressive addition to some hunter’s wall and to the record books, it looks like the whole story is made up. The Boone and Crocket club recently posted this message to their Facebook Page: along with the photo below.

World Record Buck Hoax

An Iowa Giant turns out to be a hoax

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Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Goods

Man Tackles Deer that Charged into Dick’s Sporting Good

Deer Tackled in Dick's

A man tackled a live deer at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Reading, PA

Sometimes the day after Christmas can be as crazy of a shopping experience as Black Friday is and shoppers in Reading, Pennsylvania saw that this year when a Deer came crashing into a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. Continue Reading

Fastest Hand Ice-Auger Hole Drill Ever – Video

Fastest Hand Ice-Auger Hole Drill Ever on Video

Ice fishing season is here and for those who don’t wanna drop several hundred bones on a new gas ice auger, resort to the traditional hand auger. Lucky for this guy in the video, he is the fastest hand ice-auger hole driller ever to live, and he goes through about two feet of ice in less than 30 seconds.

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Giant 206-inch Iowa Whitetail Archery Kill Rumor

Possible World Record Iowa Buck Shot

The 2013 season has shown us some truly giant bucks, but one rumored to be taken in Iowa back in November may take the cake for the biggest of the year, or any year ever. Not much is known about this giant buck, but there are a few things that are rumored to be true. Here they are.

Giant Iowa Buck

This rumored giant Iowa buck could be the next world record taken by a bow

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Carhart Realtree Xtra Camo Active Jac- $100

Camo Carhartt Jacket

This year our favorite workwear and “beat the hell out of” clothing got even better, because it’s now available in camo. Carhartt has always been a staple of people who work the trades and love the outdoors and it’s also become extremely stylish. Carhartt has a line of clothing now available in Realtree Camo and we are sure that it’ll be some of the toughest hunter-wear in the woods. You can go right from chopping wood to bow hunting in your new camo Carhartt jacket. Check out your next stylish street jacket or camo workwear right here on Carhartt’s website. 

camo carhartt jacket

This Camo Carhartt Jacket with Realtree Xtra can stand up to all the abuse you put it through at work and in the woods.

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Kuiu Super Down Jacket Review

Kuiu Super Down Jacket Review

Hunters, fisherman and outdoorsman can battle the elements, but nobody likes to freeze their ass off. Being from Wisconsin, I know what it’s like to be cold and I’m always looking for the lightest, most comfortable clothes to keep me warm. Having something to wear that looks cool is always a plus and the Kuiu Super Down Jacket covers all of these requirements. Down is obviously one of the warmest things on the planet and the Kuiu Super Down Jacket comes with plenty of it. The jacket is light, comfortable and has an awesome camo pattern that will keep you hidden in the Midwest forests, Western plains and in the mountains.

kuiu super down jacket review

The Kuiu Super Down Jacket will keep you warm in all elements

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Thermacell Heated Insole Review

Thermacell Heated Insole Review

With Christmas right around the corner and the cold weather here across much of the Northern states and the Midwest, people are thinking of the best gifts for hunters to stay warm. For me, when it gets below 50 degrees, my feet start to freeze and I’ve always used disposable toe warmers, but have been wanting a pair of heated insoles. The Thermacell Heated Insoles have been popular among hunters, outdoorsman and anyone that likes warm feet for up to five hours. While these insoles may not be great for miles and miles of hiking, they are perfect for a bow or waterfowl hunter who is out for a few hours in the morning or evening and can recharge them at home or in their truck.

Thermacell Heated Insole Review

Thermacell Heated Insoles make the perfect gift for your hunter this holiday season

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Big Buck Down- Potential Kansas State Record Buck Shot

Potential Kansas State Record Archery Buck Shot

KS State Record Buck

Mark Alexander’s Giant Kansas Buck is a potential state record photo courtesy of OutdoorLife

Once in a while, the biggest buck of your dreams walks by and sometimes, you even get to kill it. Even less a state record comes strolling by, in a state that you don’t even live in. Mark Alexander (53) of Louisiana got so lucky on a recent trip to Kansas to hunt with Red Dog Outfitters for his second year in a row. He took his son and his son’s friend to hunt with Owner, Tim Clark.  Continue Reading

Gourmet Footwear Camo Sneaker Edition- Holiday 13

Camo Sneakers from Gourmet

Gourmet has always had some pretty sweet kicks, but they’ve really outdone themselves with their Holiday Collection for 2013. The sneakers come in a variety of colors and patterns, but all are featuring a camo texture and feel. Camo clothing and shoes are the highlight of streetwear fashion and outdoor fashion and it isn’t going away any time soon. If you’re looking for camo sneakers this Christmas (or know someone who is), then check out the full collection of camo sneakers from Gourmet here.


Camo Sneakers

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