20 Point 216 Inch Vernon County Monster Buck Killed in WI

20 Point 216 Inch Vernon County Monster Buck Killed in WI

Nick Bauman Buck

This buck that green scored 216 inches and boasts 20 points was shot by Nicholas Bauman near Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Massive bucks are starting to fall and this monster taken this past week in Vernon County, Wisconsin is nothing short of spectacular. Nicholas Bauman shot this 216 inch buck with 20 score-able points near Vernon County. Nick had photos of the buck from last year as a 14 pointer, but it appears that the buck put on some serious antler. 

Nicholas Bauman Buck Kill

Bauman Buck

Nick Bauman is pictured with his huge trophy buck kill.

Congratulations to the hunter and we’ll update this story more soon.

Massive Wisconsin Non-Typical Buck Shot in Vernon County

Vernon County WI Buck

This Vernon County, Wisconsin buck green scored 216 inches.

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