16 of the Worst Hunting Tattoos Ever

16 of the Worst Hunting Tattoos Ever

Worst Hunting tattoos

Here are 17 of the worst hunting tattoos ever put on the human body and thought of by idiots

I love hunting and fishing just as much as the next guy, but I’ve never had the urge to have it printed all over my body. There’s certainly nothing wrong with tattoos in general, but if you’ve got one of these pictured below, you’ve got a big problem. These are by far some of the worst hunting tattoos ever, if not worst tattoos ever. Click through to see the worst hunting tattoos ever. 

From disproportionate features, to bad color, to incredibly stupid ideas, these bad hunting tattoos have it all. If you’re in one of these pictures, I really hope that you were drunk when you got this put on.

1. Part Duck, Part Buck 100% Dumb ass ingenuity

Part duck, part buck.. No matter what way you look at this, it’s a stupid idea.


2. This rendition of a deer failed miserably


3. Bloody Bear Face? Maybe, but we’re not sure what’s going on with the mouth. 


4. Full face frontal buck. Do we need to elaborate here?


5. Part Skull, part live trout


6. 2 Legged Deer


7. This is not something that looks good 


8. Location didn’t really work out for this one on the arm, or leg or wherever it is. 


9. This deer looks retarded


10. Small head, big rack


11. Proportions didn’t even out with the arrow through these eyes


12. Who the fuck would do something like this to themselves?


13. Let’s just do away with angel wings on backs


14. Your Old Man deserved better


15. Umm…. is that a bull skull on a deer?


16. I really hope a kindergartener drew this





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