12 Gift Ideas For The Boat Lover In Your Life

12 Gift Ideas For The Boat Lover In Your Life


The act of gifting can be difficult to master. Budgets, practicality, and lack of imagination can get in the way of finding that perfect present for a special someone. Fear not, we have rounded up some of the best gift ideas for any ocean lovers you need to buy for! Read on to discover the best gift ideas for any navel nuts you know.


  1. A Classic Clock

One of the best sophisticated nautical gifts is a Chelsea clock. Your gift recipient will be feeling like an esteemed Captain in the Navy once they’ve placed one of these beauties atop their mantel. Look for a style that is heavy, and in good working condition. Bonus points if you gift a clock with an additional barometer!


  1. A Waterproof Bag

Handy for any boating pro or landlubber alike, a waterproof bag will keep all of your valuable dry and damage-free when you’re out on the water. If your giftee has a speed boat they will particularly appreciate this present! Opt for a version that floats in case it ends up in the water somehow so that you can grab it easily without your prized possessions sinking to the seafloor.


  1. An Action Video Camera (And Case!)

A small easily carried camera such as a Go Pro is a great gift for any water lover if you also purchase a waterproof case. they can be clipped onto clothing or objects, carried by hand, or used with a selfie stick to caption any memorable action shot.


  1. A Fishing Rod

If your boater also loves to fish a good quality rod is vital. Perfect for lazy days hanging out on the boat in the lake, fishing is a fun pastime for all. Find out what they love to fish and get the best rod possible. If you want to add a little extra to your gift then purchase some bait and tackles.


  1. A Watertight Speaker

Forget your shower speakers, there are lots of great waterproof speakers on the market that are fantastic quality and also play loud volumes – perfect for listening over the sound of wind and waves. Purchase a set that has a long battery life for those parties that last late into the night.


  1. A Wake Foil

Chances are if they love the sea they’ll like water sports. A wake foil can be used behind most kinds of boats. They are attached to the back and the user balances on the board, gliding above the water thanks to the wings at the base of the board. Whilst it may not be the cheapest thing on this list, it is definitely the most fun!


  1. A Cooler

Unless your recipient has a serious yacht, it’s unlikely they have a decent-sized refrigerator. Give them some extra beer cooling space by gifting them a nice big cool box. After all, no one has ever heard of a sober sailor!


  1. A Compass

The trusty companion of any good boatsman, a compass will help get them from A to B the old school way. Look for a high-end model with lighting so it can be read easily at night. Hopefully, your giftee won’t be lost at sea too often but at least they’ll have a cool and useful bit of kit just in case!


  1. A Portable Grill

Even if your recipient has a superyacht with all the trimmings, a portable grill will mean they can take their party from boat to beach and keep their stomachs full in the process. These babies are not only for use at sea, who doesn’t love an extra grill in their backyard when it’s the boating off-season?


  1. Binoculars

Part of the joy of spending time in the ocean is the beautiful surroundings. Your recipient will be able to feel immersed in nature with a good-quality pair of binoculars. Opt for a pair with a high zoom capability that can be easily adjusted. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it!


  1. A Life Jacket

Safety is always the most important element when at sea. Buy your giftee some lifejackets to keep on board in case of emergency. Look for a jacket that has light and whistles and make sure they’re Coast Guard approved so you’ll know your loved ones will be safe.


  1. A Pair Of Sunglasses

One of the best things about being at sea is soaking up the beautiful sunshine. However, when those rays hit the water the sun can sometimes be a little too much! Keep their eyes protected with some stylish sunnies that are practical but cool so they’ll be shielded and smart!


What is the best nautical gift you can think of?  Let us know in the comments!

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