12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses ($15)

Fancy yourself an outdoorsman but don’t have hunting-themed drinking paraphernalia?  Well that’s a damn shame.  Check out a few behind-the-bar accessories no outdoorsman should be without.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses


^ 4 for $15. Get yours here.

Bullet Bottle Opener


^ Opening a bottle with a bullet is more badass than opening it with your teeth.  Available for $14 here.


Gun Ice Cube Tray


^ Regular ice cubes are for panzees. Snag a tray for only 7 dollars.

Eric Giroux

I grew up with a small 2-acre pond in my parents' backyard. I fish by tying fishing line, hook, and bait to an empty water bottle and tossing it out on the water. I then sit on the dock and drink beer and wait for the bottle to get dragged around by some catfish, and proceed to chase it around in the paddle boat.

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