11 Point Marsh Buck-User Submission

11 Point Marsh Buck-User Submission

Big Marsh Buck

Nick shot this big marsh buck in Southern Wisconsin while bow hunting near a marsh

My friend Nick shot this great buck on Sunday night in Southern Wisconsin. The deer is a big bodied 11 pointer that is really a main frame ten point with a sticker off of it’s G2. Nick is no stranger to big, mature deer and he’s got several other big bucks that he’s managed to kill on the wall. I was able to go over and help him drag this buck out of the woods on Sunday night and it was extremely heavy. 

WI Marsh Buck

This big Wisconsin marsh buck was shot in a wood lot near a giant cat tail marsh

This 11 point buck looked to be pretty old. I’d say at least 4 years old, but possibly older. The nose on this buck was very short and gray and the body was huge. It was quite the workout getting it out of the woods. Nick had been sitting out since 12:30 hunting and this buck wandered by at 4 p.m. It was the first deer he had seen all day and he made it count.

Giant WI Buck

This was the biggest buck that he’d seen all season and he was hunting it based off of trail camera photos that he’d had this fall. Hopefully he’ll add to this one during the Wisconsin gun hunt in a couple weeks.

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