Fatheadz for Fat Heads

Fatheadz Black Nitro Sunglasses Review

fatheadz nitro review

Fatheadz sunglasses are some of the best sunglasses for people that need a little extra space in their frames.

Fisherman are known for their “fishing stories” or “fish tales”, if you will. In the vast majority of these stories the size of the fish tends to be.. let’s say… exaggerated. As an avid fisherman, I, of course, have perhaps bloated the size of the fish I’ve caught. One thing that I thought I could almost NEVER exaggerate, though, is the size of my head. It is large. Very large. Continue Reading

Take Advantage Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Waterfowl is What You Make of It


Wisconsin ducks harvested

From early goose season to late frozen ground field hunts, along with the 60 day duck season in between, I find myself scouting, hunting or taking customers out well over 100 days from September to December. Whether I take a group of customers, tag along with buddies, or it is just me and my dog, every hunt is a great experience. But to stay productive throughout the entire season, I have to be extremely versatile. Continue Reading

No Look 40 Yard Bow Shot- Video

No Look 40 Yard Bow Shot- Video

Cam Hanes is a good shooter and we know that, but we didn’t know he was this good. He just launched a new podcast this past week called, “Keep Hammering” and has appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast numerous times. Cam has publicly said that he loves to shoot his bow and practices a lot and we can see why. This shot on video here was at a brand new target that he hit at 40 yards, without looking! Continue Reading

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Boat!

If You’re Looking For Electronics, It’s All About Visibility

By Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz


Lowrance electronic

Winter has arrived, but spring will be here quicker than you think! If you are like us, when you’re not on the ice chasing walleyes, you are using this time to spool new line on your reels, reorganize tackle, and sort out all of the odds and ends that somehow made their way into the glove box of the boat over the summer! Continue Reading

Canadian Shore Lunch Anyone?

  Dreaming Of A Canadian Shore Lunch.


A freshly cooked shore lunch

The majority of visitors to Northwestern Ontario’s Sunset Country come up to enjoy the great fishing the area offers. There are literally tens of thousands of lakes and hundreds of resorts and lodges visitors can choose from. Whether you are fishing a larger lake or a small remote fly-in lake you’ll want to enjoy a traditional Canadian shore lunch.  After a successful morning of fishing, take a break for one of the tastiest delicacies found anywhere, fresh walleye for shore lunch. Ask anyone who’s been to Canada fishing, nothing can beat heading out on one of our beautiful lakes, catching some nice fresh walleyes and eating on the shores of a clear, Canadian lake. Continue Reading

Anyone Fish Wisconsin?


By: Kyle Sorensen

Kyle with some Lake Winnebago walleye

Anchor down, a warm breeze drifting across the rippled lake, a cold drink in your hand and maybe some tunes softly riding the sound waves? Yes, please! This is the relaxing scenario we look forward to this time of the year. Now throw in some slip bobbers and a jig pole, and you have yourself the makings of a perfect day on the water… especially when targeting the early post-spawn walleyes here on the Lake Winnebago System. Hang on folks… we’re slippin’ into summer! Continue Reading