Weekly Morning Trail Mix 7/13

The best Hunting and Fishing Photos and Memes of the Week

It’s Monday again and while that means that you’ve got a full week ahead of you, it also gives you a chance to check out the best hunting and fishing photos and memes of the week. Make sure that you send us your hunting and fishing photos and we’ll put them on the Morning Trail Mix .


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GIANT 18-Pound Bass Caught on Lake Camanche in California

GIANT 18-Pound Bass Caught on California Lake

18 pound bass

Kevin Miranda caught this huge 18 pound bass on Lake Camanche in California last week. Photo courtesy of Wide Open Spaces

It’s not everyday that you see double-digit weight bass being pulled out of Californian lakes, but Kevin Miranda was able to land a monster last week. Miranda, of Sacramento, California caught an 18 pound bass on Lake Camanche near Little Hat. He and his friends took some measurements when he landed it and knew had just caught a world-class fish! Continue Reading

2016 Kawasaki MULE PRO Series – Ultimate Hunting Vehicle

2016 Kawasaki MULE PRO Series – Ultimate Hunting Vehicle

Hunters and outdoorsmen need a vehicle that is as tough as they are. Problem is, is that trucks and SUVs rarely can get into (or out of) the places we are when we’re hunting. The 2016 Kawasaki Mule Pro Series however can, and it’s one of the baddest, toughest vehicles on the planet. Continue Reading

Why Should you Summer Scout for Big Bucks?

Why Should you Summer Scout for Big Bucks?

Summer Deer Scouting

Summer scouting can reveal some great tips on how to kill a big buck come fall.

Summer scouting can be a huge benefactor your in-season success for big whitetails, but many people seem to forego the chance to check out what they’ll be hunting come fall. Many hunters say that the bucks that they got on their trail cameras all summer just up and disappear come September, and while that may be true for some, other bucks do stick around. Here is why you should summer scout for big bucks. Continue Reading

Big Time Outdoor Sound for Camping, Hiking & Fishing that’s Personalized for You

Boombotix Personalized Bluetooth Speaker

MorningMoss Speaker Boombotix

The Boombotix personalized bluetooth speaker is very easy to create and looks great with the MorningMoss logo (or your own logo or picture).

Camping this past weekend called for plenty of time outside, good food, good drinks and lots of music. With lots of music streaming apps available, portable bluetooth speakers are definitely the way to go to get your music outside…anywhere. You’ll never look better with any sort of bluetooth speaker than with the Boombotix personalized speaker and we happen to really like the MorningMoss one pictured above.  Continue Reading

Clean What You Catch on a Walleye Cutting Board

Epicurean Walleye Cutting Board

walleye shaped cutting board

This walleye shaped cutting board is the perfect tool for cleaning your catch at the end of a day of fishing.

There’s nothing better than coming back from the lake or river with a full live-well of your favorite fish. Cleaning them is part of the job and you need the right tools for it. Luckily for you, Epicurean makes some amazing cutting boards that look as good as they work. Preparing a catch and cleaning it up after has never been easier than with a walleye shaped cutting board from Epicurean. Continue Reading

Up to 48 Hours of Lantern Light from this Smart Lantern

Bracketron Smart Lantern Review

Bracketron Smart Lantern Review

The Smart Lantern from Bracketron is a great product for camping and saving space while keeping your phone charged.

Camping season is here and there are all kinds of nifty gadgets and products that can help make our lives in the woods and on the water easier. While we still like to go rugged once in a while, there’s no denying that modern technology is a god-send some days when we need that extra little bit of light to finish skinning out a buck or playing cards near a campfire. The Bracketron Smart Lantern is one of the devices that is there to help make your trip easier.  Continue Reading